Structural Integration Bodywork | Myofascial Release Therapy | Craniosacral Therapy

Education and Training

Shambhala provides workshops and short courses in:

Myofascial Release Techniques

Designed for the remedial massage therapist, or other suitably qualified body therapist, who has already received some foundation training in myofascial bodywork. A range of advanced myofascial release techniques (both direct and indirect) are taught. Individual workshops generally relate to a specific body area and/or condition.

CranioSacral Therapy

An introductory one day workshop is available for participants with no previous knowledge of craniosacral therapy. The workshop covers: a brief history of craniosacral bodywork and how it has evolved; understanding the ‘Craniosacral’ concept and the primary respiratory system; the range of therapeutic applications; hands-on skills. Participants practise ‘listening’ to the various expressions of craniosacral motion in the body. They are also introduced to simple techniques, including stillpoint induction, that impact the craniosacral system to promote healing. 

For those interested in learning more, a six day foundation training course in craniosacral therapy is available. (Contact Shambhala for more information). 

Trigger Point Therapy

Workshops are designed to cater for massage therapists with no previous training in trigger point work, or the therapist who wants to brush up on their skills in this important area of clinical work.

Musculoskeletal Anatomy                                        

Designed for the novice needing to become well versed in musculoskeletal anatomy, or the practitioner who needs to refresh their knowledge.

Postural Assessment

Designed for the novice needing to get the hang of postural assessment, or the practitioner who has gotten a bit rusty on the details of a thorough postural assessment.

Soft Tissue Examination & Palpation Skills

Designed for the novice needing to learn palpation and soft tissue examination skills, or the practitioner who has gotten out of practice in this very important ability.